Last updated: 14.12.11

Free first aid app launched by Red Cross

This morning (Wednesday 7th December 2011) the British Red Cross were represented on the news, offering good tips for winter travellers (which can be found here: but most surprisingly along with their usual great advice was the announcement of a free app for Android and iPhone to help people prepare and cope with situations caused by the bad weather. The app itself is a great example of how organisations like the Red Cross are taking advantage of modern technology and ensuring their work is as effective as possible in the modern world.

As well as text advice a wealth of resources have been converted into easy access e-learning including animation and educational videos, giving advice on how to slow bleeding, recognise a stroke using the F.A.S.T. acronym and helping people to cope with distress.

It can be difficult to react in an emergency situation, and here at Virtual College we also offer a number of online training courses that can be used to help educate, and prepare you for accidents that may occur in our everyday lives. Our module, 'First Aid – the Primary Survey' has been particularly designed to give people the knowledge to know what do if they are first on the scene of an accident, whether in the workplace or out and about.

To download the Red Cross First Aid app simply search on your smartphones App Store. It’s completely free at the time of writing, but if you want to show your appreciation donations to the charity can be made via their website