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Last updated: 26.11.11

Greenpacket gives modems to support e-learning in schools

One of the word's leading providers of WiMAX internet broadband has backed the e-learning revolution by providing modems to help students use online education services.

Greenpacket, the world's third largest supplier of WiMAX, which has a comprehensive portfolio of award-winning offerings and product expansions, has awarded a supply of its pocket modem MF250 to academic institutions in California, as part of the state's digital textbook initiative.

The first batch of the MF250[s]? will benefit students, teachers and parents in Kings County School Districts and encourage them to use more e-learning facilities.

Kelvin Lee, senior general manager of Greenpacket, said: "This has been the most visible project of its kind in California and we are happy to be part of it. The partnership with Digital Corporation has allowed the MF250 pocket modem to be incorporated as a complete solution, bringing together the WiMAX wireless access network and digital smart tablets where each student can experience e-learning on campus."

He added that the creation of hotspots allowing students to share wireless data connectivity with friends and family both in and out of school will create an additional learning benefit for those using the virtual classroom systems.

WiMAX offers cost-effective means of internet access which in turn enables both teachers, students and adult learners to gain flexible and reliable access to online learning facilities.

Mr Lee mentioned that WiMAX is part of an effort to create new opportunities for operators to enrich the mobile broadband connectivity experience of consumers and will continue to do so as the market and modem facilities grow and improve.

"With learning being an essential part of our children's development, we can expect huge leaps in the advancement of education for all ages," he commented.

A spokesperson for e-learningcentre.co.uk recently stated that online resources are beneficial in the way that they are easy to manage and facilitate and that this can help towards engaging students and implementing new methods of learning.