Last updated: 04.11.11

HomeServe to re-train its staff using new program

Online training programs may come in useful for organisations choosing to retrain their staff, as many companies face a stagnant employability market where they cannot afford to foot the bill for training brand new employees.

HomeServe, a leading home emergency insurance cover and domestic repairs provider in the UK, has announced that it is going to suspend its telephone sales unit until its staff are properly retrained.

The company may like to opt for e-learning as a more cost-effective, flexible and easily implemented platform for new training courses.

Deemed a drastic decision by other leaders in the boiler repair and insurance sector, HomeServe made the choice to stop its sales after an internal investigation found out about cases of mis-selling insurance policies to domestic customers who may have wanted a different type of cover.

Announcements were made earlier this week (November 2rd) that the call centre staff are to be retrained and that new scripts for telephone protocol are being rewritten.

Chief executive of HomeServe Richard Halpin said: "We are determined to ensure customers receive the highest standards of service and we have therefore taken swift action to address the issues identified by our review. We have commenced a programme to retrain staff. We will resume marketing once we are confident that our sales processes meet the standards that we and our customers expect."

The publicly quoted company has been in contact with the Financial Services Authority regarding the mis-selling.

As a result of the mis-selling, the company's shares dropped 50 per cent on Saturday (November 29th).

David Patterson, director and consultant with, mentioned that e-learning is proving very adept at delivering system simulation training in call centres.

He added that such methods give impressive results, delivering a much-improved time to competence, reduced labour turnover and higher levels of customer satisfaction.