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Last updated: 04.05.17

How to create real business value with your learning development strategy

Training courses are a great way to add value to your business, however it’s crucial that they fall in line with your learning development strategy.

Employee training and the development of skills is something that should be an integral part of every business. By providing workers with training that helps them grow, companies will also feel the benefit. Yet despite this, when budgets are tight, training often gets pushed to one side while more immediate work takes priority.

When operating in a competitive market, cutting training funds is not a strategic move for businesses and can often cause damage. The people a company employs are the most important element of any business and their development is crucial to its future success. If workers feel undervalued and as though they are unable to progress in terms of their career, they may look for employment elsewhere.

In today’s working environment, if employees want to be efficient, productive and adaptable, they must communicate, collaborate, be able to think critically, be creative and innovative. Here we take a look at the value businesses can gain from a good learning development strategy.

Better efficiency

By providing employees with effective training, it is natural that they will become more efficient and productive in completing daily work tasks. Regular updates and training in new areas of technology or legislation will enable the best possible practice while helping the business achieve greater consistency in process adherence. In turn, this will make it easier to predict outcomes and meet business goals and targets.

An upskilled workforce

Employing new talent with the potential for them to grow and be nurtured in line with a business's values is something companies are beginning to seek over experience. It provides the opportunity to up-skill or multi-skill your workforce with the right type of training.

E-learning and online training courses are the perfect way to turn workers into experts in specific areas by building on their knowledge of an existing skill. Multi-skilling a number of workers will also provide a diverse set of skills so that employees can multi-task.

Support ongoing development

Training sessions and independent e-learning shouldn’t be a one-off every year or even once a quarter. Employees should be supported regularly with businesses providing ongoing training and development. This can be done by increasing the availability of experienced and capable employees to assume senior positions as and when there are vacancies.

By increasing their talent pools, businesses reduce the risk within the company of losing valuable employees as they will be able to quickly replace them with someone who is familiar with the role. This can be done by training specific and talented individuals in areas like leadership, strategic decision making, effective people management, and role-specific skills.

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