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Last updated: 16.11.17

How to get compliance training adopted in your organisation

As we get nearer to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline of May 2018, your organisation may have already started preparing. For businesses who process large amounts of data, however, this poses a significant challenge.

Preparing for GDPR


Conducting an audit is the simplest and easiest way to see if your business has any compliance-related gaps, helping organisations easily meet deadlines like the GDPR by allowing them to make changes on time and within regulatory guidelines. Virtual College’s Enable Audit is an online auditing system, developed in collaboration with professionals who regularly create audits. The browser-based system allows you to create multiple audits, capture detailed information and generate reports quickly in a variety of formats.

So, whether you’re a business owner, a compliance officer or the designated data protection officer in your organisation, you can easily create risk assessments and grading criteria by team, department or company-wide, and Enable Audit makes this process quick and simple.

By starting the auditing process now, you can utilise the time and resources available to get the process right, helping you to understand what your business needs to do to comply with the new GDPR and ensure your customers’, business partners’ and suppliers’ personal data is processed safely.

If your company handles or processes personal data, then you need to ensure your workforce is trained correctly with access to the policies they need, when they need them. As with any regulation there must be ways of measuring this and ensuring that everything is regularly up-to-date. Failing to do so can lead to financial penalties, legal action being taken against you and damage to brand reputation.

But enforcing compliance and measuring it can be difficult, costly and time-consuming. So how can you ensure your workforce gets the training they need to stay compliant and how can you track this to prove your company is adhering to the legislation?


E-learning delivered via a learning management system (LMS) can cut the monetary and time costs of face-to-face training, whilst ensuring all your employees receive the training they need. As e-learning is accessed via a browser-based LMS, it can be completed at any time and any place – allowing your workforce to undertake training when it suits them.

Virtual College is an award-winning e-learning provider – their two gold awards in 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 were for ‘E-learning Development Company of the Year’ and ‘Learning Technologies Supplier of the Year’ respectively – offering various training solutions based on the needs of your business. With Virtual College there are three areas to consider: infrastructure for learning LMS, bespoke (custom) training and off-the-shelf training.


Virtual College’s off-the-shelf courses are all developed by our award-winning, in-house content team in collaboration with subject matter experts. This allows us to combine the latest teaching methods with the most up-to-date and relevant information, ensuring learners are engaged and stimulated. Our off-the shelf courses are ready to go and can be purchased from the online course catalogue.

Bespoke (custom)

If you require your training to be tailored to your company’s policies, processes, branding and tone, Virtual College’s bespoke (or custom) e-learning solutions can help you create something completely unique. Working in partnership with you, our in-house content team, consisting of project managers, designers and subject matter experts, focuses on delivering online training that is designed to meet your training objectives and requirements.

Looking for a range of courses to match the skill gaps of your employees? Virtual College also offer a range of training packages, hand-crafted by sales managers who have years’ worth of experience working with customers from all industries. With training packages, you can purchase licences based on the number of employees you have, then create your own package, mixing and matching licences to fill training gaps or meet new training requirements.

Regardless of what training option you choose, Virtual College’s courses are accessed via our easy-to-use LMS, Enable, and can be completed on multiple devices – so learners can study in their own time, at their own pace.

Infrastructure for learning LMS

After conducting an audit to highlight any potential gaps and helping your workforce to maintain their compliance via online training, the Enable LMS is ideal to help you ensure compliance is measured, reported on and maintained throughout the business.

All of your training materials, resources, policies, procedures and any other legal documents can be stored in one central location, enabling your staff to access them when they need to. Logins for each employee will store information related to completion of training, as well as giving you the ability to set compliance-related goals and check progress regularly.

If legislation or training is updated, you can easily update this for all staff via version control and automatic allocations can be set up, so everyone receives the most up-to-date training when they need it – increasing efficiency and reducing workloads for managers.

As the Enable LMS uses best practices for security and storage of data, with a software development lifecycle to keep improving on current features, you can rest assured that the solution you’re using for your compliance needs adheres to relevant legislation and is always up-to-date.

Adopting systems like Virtual College’s Enable Audit, Enable LMS and online training for your compliance needs can ensure that no details are missed, helping you stay confident that your business and your workforce is compliant with relevant legislation. For more information about the services Virtual College offers, click here or contact us today for a conversation about your training needs on 01943 605976.

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