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Do your team trust you? Quiz - the answers

Thank you for taking our Does Your Team Trust You? Quiz. If you would like to see the answers and become a more trustworthy leader then look below.  Not taken the quiz yet? Click here to try.

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Question 1.

You’re the area manager for a chain of pet stores. An assistant store manager is interested in seeing the sales figures of other stores in your area, just to see how they compare. What would you do next?

  • Answer: A - Provide the figures - 5 points
  • Answer: B - Sit down and go through the figures with them - 3 points

Question 2.

An employee comes to you with a suggestion they believe will improve office processes and efficiency. What would you do next?

  • Answer: C - Talk to other managers about the idea and follow up with the employee on the outcome - 5 points
  • Answer: B - Write down the idea and file it for future reference - 3 points

Question 3.

You’ve just been to a senior management meeting and been told that the company is drastically losing money. Staff cuts in your team are unavoidable. What would you do next?

  • Answer: B - Explain the situation to your staff so they know what you know - 5 points
  • Answer: C - Withhold the news for a while until it feels appropriate to relay - 3 points

Question 4.

An employee has just been made an assistant manager. You give them a task as part of their new role, to be completed by the end of the day. What would you do next?

  • Answer: C - Leave them to complete the task on their own - 5 points
  • Answer: A - Leave them to it but check on their progress several times during the day - 3 points

Question 5.

During your lunch break you notice one of your employees in tears on the phone in the corridor. What would you do next?

  • Answer: A - Send them an email offering support if they need it, such as taking the afternoon off work. - 5 points
  • Answer: C - Be extra friendly and pleasant to them for the rest of the day - 3 points

Question 6.

A new rule has just been applied in your office, namely that laptops shouldn’t be taken to meetings as they stifle communication and create too much distraction. What would you do next?

  • Answer: B - Follow the rule and leave your laptop at your desk - 5 points
  • Answer: A - Take your laptop but keep it closed, saying you might need it if something urgent comes up - 3 points

Question 7.

You’ve just delivered a piece of work to a client, and they’re absolutely thrilled with it. It was a lot of hard work to get it done, and there was one employee in particular that really made it a success. What would you do next?

  • Answer: A - Thank the employee personally and make sure everyone knows their vital role - 5 points
  • Answer: C - Thank your team generally, noting that everyone contributed to the success - 3 points

Question 8.

A major disagreement over a project has escalated into a conflict between two employees in your team. They can’t stand to be in a room together and work has stalled. What would you do next?

  • Answer: B - Speak to them both separately before bringing them together to resolve the conflict - 5 points
  • Answer: C - Ask other members of the team to pick up the slack and try and work around the issue - 3 points

Question 9.

An employee comes to you asking if they can try a specific task they’ve not done before, even though you already have several other people who can do the task very well. What would you do next?

  • Answer: A - Let them try the task at the first opportunity - 5 points
  • Answer: B - Promise them they can have a go when one of the other colleagues is on holiday or ill - 3 points

Question 10.

A member of senior management has made a mistake that means a lot of extra work for your team to put it right. What would you do next?

  • Answer: B - Tell your team exactly what happened to cause the problem - 5 points
  • Answer: C - Say the problem was a management error but leave it at that - 3 points

How did you do?

Find out how trustworthy a leader you are with our ranking.

  • Scored 38 or higher? - Congratulations! You’re doing a fantastic job at being a trustworthy leader.
  • Scored between 25 and 37? Well done! You’re seen as fairly trustworthy, but there’s room for improvement.
  • Scored 24 or lower? Hmm. It seems you’re not doing the best job of being a trusted manager and leader.
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