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Last updated: 02.03.11

Man sentenced for food hygiene offences

Food hygiene training may have prevented a man being fined for breaching food safety standards.

Paul Gillingham, who resides in Winchester, pleaded guilty to 30 charges relating to food hygiene when he appeared at Basingstoke Magistrates Court, according to the Daily Echo.

Despite the council warning him not to, Mr Gillingham carried on trading from his home-based business, which prosecutor Scott Stemp said was the source of many of his wrongdoings.

One of the misdemeanours levelled against the 54-year-old was that he was storing mayonnaise and other varieties of food in his van, where temperatures had been found to reach up to 20 degrees C.

Mr Gillingham was placed on unconditional bail at the proceedings, which had been adjourned by Judge Guy Boney to give the defendant time to secure legal aid.

Last week, the landlord of the Maid Marian pub in Norwich pleaded guilty to five breaches of food hygiene regulations, including keeping coronation chicken in the kitchen after it had passed its use-by date, the Norwich Evening News reported.