Last updated: 28.05.11

More time at school is 'not a good idea'

Children across the UK should not be forced to stay in school for longer than they want to past the age of 16, an industry expert has claimed.

Nick Seaton, secretary of the Campaign for Real Education, said not all children are the same and it is therefore ill-advised to employ a blanket ruling forcing all young people to remain in education until the age of 18 - an idea that is presently being discussed in order to help raise the quality of education in the UK.

He commented: "I think a lot of youngsters at the age of 16 want to get out into the world, work and earn some money and it is not for the government to stop them."

Ideas like e-learning and taking courses after graduation are something that would appear to be a better fit.

According to a recent announcement by Mr Seaton, the UK is falling behind its competitors in terms of delivering young people who have the qualifications to excel in the workplace.

He noted that the competence of young people in English and maths especially is an area that is a true concern at present.