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Last updated: 09.01.14

Motorways in the brain: The processes of neural development

99% of professionals who have completed this course would recommend the it to a colleague.

'Motorways in the brain' is the first course in the connected baby online series. It explores how brains develop, making clear how brains function as well as emotional needs and behaviour intersect. It also explores why early experiences have such a fundamental impact on brain structure.

This online course is aimed at all professionals working in the early years sector, including nursery staff, child minders and foster carers. It will also be helpful to those who make decisions about children in their early years, including social workers and legal professionals.

Subject Matter Expert

This online course has been developed in close association with Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk to ensure that all information supplied is accurate and up to date with the latest academic theories. Dr. Zeedyk is an internationally acclaimed specialist in infants? ability to communicate and has over 25 years of experience as a research scientist in the area of parent-infant interaction.

Award winning e-learning content

The content of the online course has been created by an award winning e-learning development team and includes reflective practice and work-based scenarios to ensure learners effectively engage with the course and retain knowledge. Dr Zeedyk narrates throughout, providing a personal and insightful commentary to help you complete the course.

The content supplies the knowledge whilst also encouraging professionals to consider how they would apply this knowledge in everyday scenarios.

This online course is CPD accredited and should take approximately an hour and a half to two and a half hours to complete. On completion you will be able to download and print a certificate.

Learning Objectives

  • Give a basic account of the processes of brain development
  • Distinguish the major periods in brain development
  • Understand why relationships are so important in shaping neural pathways, especially during the early years of life
  • Identify the role that hormones play in creating emotional experiences
  • Explain why the information in this module is valuable for a range of societal sectors
  • Reflect on applications of this knowledge in the context of your role

Lesson Plan

  • Welcome and introduction
  • How brains develop: Development after conception
  • How brains develop: The effect of hormones
  • How brains develop: Evolutionary history of brains
  • Why do the early years matter?
  • Can I as a practitioner improve the way I work?