Last updated: 06.05.11

New wind turbine electrical course

A new electrical course for engineers hoping to work in the field of wind turbines has been announced.

The programme is being setup by the Faraday Centre and will help train individuals to ensure they know how to work within strict health and safety guidelines within the renewable sector, as well as providing a mix of hands-on and theoretical training.

"As the renewable energy sector continues to grow apace ... we recognised a real market demand for electrical high voltage training designed specifically for this burgeoning industry," Faraday Centre group general manager Suhail Mitoubsi commented.

Lorraine Martins - head of equality, inclusion, employment and skills with the BBC's apprentice hub, said more women are looking to take electrical courses.

Factors upping this number in recent months have included taster days to offer local women the chance to handle heavy machinery, while prospective employees have also been given assistance with healthcare and childcare.