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Last updated: 12.11.10

Online electrical training 'necessary' following employee injury

Corporations may want to consider taking some online electrical training courses to ensure they are working in line with Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidance relating to issues such as digging practices.

The Magna Heating Company, based in Birmingham, might have found signing up for electrical courses helped prevent one of its workers from sustaining serious burns from a power cable.

An HSE investigation found the business - which pleaded guilty to breaching Construction (Design and Management) Regulations - had failed to take adequate steps in protecting staff from underground cables.

Inspector Paul Cooper said: "It's essential that employers have safe working procedures for any work involving underground services, electrical plant, cabling or equipment."

Similarly, a social landlord was prosecuted by the HSE after a worker suffered burns when he came into contact with an 11,000 volt underground cable, resulting in a short circuit and a 13-ft flame shooting out of the ground.