Last updated: 20.04.11

Protein-rich foods needed for dieters

Individuals looking to slim down have been advised to include protein in each of their meals in order to aid weight loss.

Jessica Villa, independent nutritionist for Big Matters, said the body needs protein every time a person eats in order to ensure it is able to absorb the right nutrients for healthy weight loss.

She commented: "The protein and the fats decrease the uptake of sugar, [which is] so important to successfully snack without feeling hungry after one hour."

Ms Villa advised that a number of good protein-rich snacks might include rice cakes with sliced ham, turkey, or chicken, with a few nuts and seeds; or a low fat yogurt with a fruit in it and nuts and seeds.

According to Shiwani Moghe, a graduate student at Texas Woman's University, blueberries have a significant impact on the body's ability to absorb fats, meaning they could be a good choice of food for those who are looking to lose weight.