Last updated: 24.02.12

Pupils taught life saving skills at e-learning training centre

Pupils from the north-east of England have learned how to save a life at the Penistone E-learning Centre. The Sunderland Echo reports that year six children from Oxclose Village Primary School in Washington were taught key aspects of emergency first aid in a St John Ambulance session. Furthermore, Brancepeth Road school students had their medical knowledge improved through SafetyWorks, which provides interactive and realistic teaching on living safely, first aid and hazard prevention. It is operated by Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service and supported by Nexus, Northumbria Police, Sainsbury's, local authorities and St John Ambulance. Ellie May Spalding, an 11-year-old pupil from Oxclose Village Primary School, told the news source that she was taught about the recovery position, choking and other aspects of "life-saving first aid". They also practised their new skills on their friends and teachers. She said these lessons are not taught in school and pointed out: "It's quite important, as you never know when you might have to help someone." Ms Spalding added she really enjoyed learning about these issues. First aid tutor Marecia Edmudson claimed 150,000 individuals die in the UK every year in situations where medical assistance could have saved their lives. "It's amazing how quickly children can learn exactly what to do in an emergency situation," she added. St John Ambulance provides other online health and safety training opportunities and has launched an app for the iPhone, which is free to download and has been accessed by 43,000 individuals. A mother contacted the organisation to inform them she was able to provide her choking baby with first aid as a result of this programme, which could have saved its life. The group urged people with iPhones to download this tool, as it will enable them to provide support to an individual while waiting for expert medical assistance and could even prevent them from dying.