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Shaping the Future of L&D

Our Shaping the Future of L&D series takes a look at the ever changing world of L&D, compiling insights and research from industry experts, to help you progress on your L&D journey. Hear from our experts below.


The Changing of Job Roles in L&D

The first feature in this insightful series discusses the changing of job roles within Learning and Development. We collated industry research and gathered thought-provoking insights and opinions from thought leaders within L&D, including practical advice on how to manage the changing landscape.

Industry leaders who feature in this series are Nick Bate, Spencer Holmes, Joan Keevill, Robert Wagner, Ed Monk and Chris Blackburn.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a widely discussed topic within Learning and Development.

We talk to Lori Niles-Hoffman, Michelle Parry-Slater, Myles Runham and David James about the challenges organisations face when moving from courses to resources, what relationships need to foster to create a successful digital programme and much more.

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Measuring Business Impact

Learning and Development teams face many challenges when attempting to measure the impact of their efforts.

We talk to Joan Keevill, and Krystyna Gadd about these challenges, the importance of understanding the overall business strategy, the requirements of upskilling and more.

Repositioning L&D Teams

In this feature we cover how L&D should approach the repositioning, how to change perceptions of learning, what they need to consider for the future and more.

We've gathered the opinions and insights of thought leaders Michelle Parry-Slater and Myles Runham, to discuss the repositioning of L&D teams.

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