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Last updated: 10.11.12

SiriusDecisions offers online training in marketing

SiriusDecisions is to exclusively launch its online learning course in business-to-business (B2B) marketing and sales to all of its clients.

The advisory firm is rolling out its programme - entitled Foundations for Best Practices in Demand Creations - via its website and it is also available for purchase.

John Neeson, managing director at SiriusDecisions, said the company has worked hard to provide digital training on six vital areas of knowledge that are essential to superior demand creation performance.

He added: "This comprehensive course frames these key concepts in powerful ways that can be directly applied to meet the very different set of challenges faced by marketers in today's B2B environment."

These learning areas include demand type - showing clients how to conduct an assessment for a particular product - and portfolio marketing, which involves a three-touch process flow to demonstrate how to create thematic messaging, offers and information collection strategies.

Individuals who enrol are also able to find out about relative targeting, a methodology designed to score and rank a target segment's propensity to purchase and lead taxonomy, whereby templates are provided for assigning lead attributes.

Marketers will round off the e-learning with a final exam and those who successfully pass automatically become SiriusDecisions-certified in the topic they have studied, while they will also receive a document authorising their abilities in key demand creation concepts.

The course has a modular structure and lets clients complete each module in a relaxed fashion and without any time pressures.

Extra features used in the training include interactive exercises, quizzes, downloadable process templates, worksheets and video files.

Director of SiriusDecisions Learning Grace Kraaijvanger observed the concepts covered in the programme are fundamental to effective marketing and sales alignment.

"B2B markets must also master the methodology, frameworks and tools to apply them in order to successfully drive demand and close any skills gap," she concluded.

Another of the organisation's online learning courses Essentials of Product Marketing and Management shows industry bodies how they can launch initiatives in such a way that they meet their company objectives and promote growth.