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Last updated: 14.02.11

Subway sandwich shop failed to meet food safety standards

A Subway sandwich shop may have reviewed its food hygiene training, which can be done through online learning courses, after it was fined £4,000.

High standards of food hygiene are now being maintained at the outlet on Forrest Road in Edinburgh, which was noted during an inspection of the premises last month.

Previously, Edinburgh City Council environmental officers were tipped off that mice droppings had been discovered close to the customer toilets.

Responding to this information, inspectors discovered further droppings on food and packaging and the shop was closed while cleaning, pest treatment and structural work was undertaken.

City environmental leader Robert Aldridge praised the efforts of those involved on the case and claimed that the legal action taken indicated that poor hygiene will not be tolerated.

"In bringing about this fine, we can send out a clear message to all food business operators that they must adhere to food hygiene requirements or face the consequences," he said.

Last week, Get Hampshire reported that the Lismoyne Hotel in Fleet was fined £21,000 for a lack of cleanliness and staff were thought to be going through food safety training.