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Last updated: 28.09.17

Supporting Child Victims of Trafficking Webinars

Online learning provider, Virtual College has worked with ECPAT UK and the ReACT Project to provide two free CPD accredited webinar recordings. These are designed to help lawyers, legal guardians, safeguarding professionals, advocates and social workers understand more about how they can support child victims of trafficking and modern slavery.

These webinars feature content developed by ECPAT UK’s current Children’s Champion, solicitor Kalvir Kaur, a leading expert advocating for refugee children and victims of trafficking, and also public law practitioner, Shu Shin Luh, whose work focuses on the rights of vulnerable children and adults in need of support.

Webinar one

Webinar one is delivered by, and focuses, on Kalvir Kaur’s best practice methodology for interviewing children, a practise developed by herself. In this webinar, learners will be able to undertake pre-interview considerations including dress code and location, accompanying adults, the appropriate use of interpreters and the language you should adopt when asking questions.

Following pre-interview considerations, Kalvir Kaur discusses the foundation of skills and adaptation that practitioners should be able to develop according to the understanding and needs of children, how important it is that assumptions are not made based on nationality and race, a method of cognitive interviewing including expression and body language to encourage a truthful and open response, and the obstacles for effective interviewing.

Webinar two

Webinar two, is delivered by barrister Shu Shin Lun. Using her own knowledge from her practise with strong human rights and anti-discrimination, Shy Shin Lun speaks to professionals and guardians working with separated children seeking asylum and child victims of trafficking whose age may be disputed or assessed in legal contexts. In this webinar, learners will understand the legal definition of the word ‘child’ and what this means, how age disputes may arise in court, and the importance and relevance of age from a legal and safeguarding perspective.

After introducing the relevance and importance of age from a legal perspective, Shu Shin Lun then discusses how age becomes relevant in immigration law and in youth justice. Learners will be able to understand the importance of assessing age, the approach taken by court to determine age, and the approach of criminal court to age disputes.

ECPAT UK and ReACT Project

These free webinars were produced by ECPAT UK (Every Child Protected Against Trafficking) and ReACT Project (Reinforcing Assistance to Child Victims of Trafficking) as an essential guide for safeguarding professionals, guardians, advocates and social workers working with child victims of trafficking, modern slavery and children seeking asylum. As accredited training resources, these webinars contribute 2-3 hours towards your CPD.

To register to watch these free webinars online and at a time and pace that suits you, please click here.

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