Last updated: 19.11.11

Three-quarters of companies 'implement e-learning'

More than three-quarters of companies are using e-learning resources to boost the leadership and management skills of their workforce, according to one organisation.

Research showed that online learning technologies are increasingly becoming a vital part of standard working practices and that more and more company chief executives are implementing them into their training schemes.

The study found that 80 per cent of businesses are using e-learning courses and 66 per cent are using video-based content to improve skills in workshops and training sessions.

Laura Overton, managing director of Towards Maturity, an organisation to help working environments include virtual solutions into their standard methods, said: "Our in-depth study has highlighted how new ways of learning are making a significant difference to the skills that businesses really need to survive and thrive - from leadership development to getting new products out to market quicker."

She explained that many firms are reluctant to embrace the new technologies due to bad experiences in the past, but that they should be encouraged by the success stories of many companies that have taken on more modern learning approaches and have gained a lot of insight and development through them.

The study concluded that 25 per cent more companies were using e-learning as part of their working day compared to figures collected in 2008.

Educational psychologist Teresa Bliss suggested that technology is beneficial for improving skills and can be a highly motivational tool for employees as well as heads of businesses.

She commented that it can also be a valuable tool to provide a fun and interactive way for new employees to learn.

"If modern technology helps children and young people, particularly those who struggle, to acquire the necessary skills of decoding to enable them to become efficient readers then so much the better," Ms Bliss added.