Last updated: 29.03.11

Apple iPad 'will have a role in online learning'

The Apple iPad will come to play a major part in online learning technology, according to one e-learning provider.

Online training courses supplier emPower claimed the product has the potential to become a significant element in children's education in the future because it is a convenient device that is well-liked by adolescents.

"The iPad ... serves to be the perfect device for comfortable online learning and acts as a useful tool for referencing, collaborating and content creation," the company said.

In a poll of 1,200 college students, research group Student Monitor revealed 46 per cent favour the iPad as an e-reading tool as opposed to 38 per cent preferring the Amazon Kindle.

However, emPower acknowledged that the iPad must make improvements and be able to support Flash web pages and receive telephone calls before it can become a considerable power in e-learning.

Earlier this month, Apple launched the iPad 2 - a thinner, faster and lighter version of its predecessor.