Last updated: 22.03.11

Virtual Colleges develops its first mobile phone app - on 5S workplace organisation

The Virtual College, has developed its first iPhone app. 5S Bitesize is available for anyone to download and use for free from Apple’s iPhone store.

The subject chosen is 5S workplace organisation, as not only is 5S one of the components of the Business Improvement Techniques NVQ, but it also covers good sound business organisation techniques relevant to any business (or even home - work shed, garage) situation. 5S covers the basis 5 principles of working smarter (Leaner) – ensuring your work station is kept clean and tidy: Sort, Shine, Set in Order, Standadise, and Sustain

5S Bitesize provides an easy to understand app that can be used anytime, anywhere for both Managers looking to find out more about the principles of 5S as well as employees tasked with implementing it. 5S describes how items are stored in the workplace and how the new order is maintained. It standardises how work should be done and instills ownership of the process for everyone.

Once the mobile app has been completed learners can go onto the Learning Management System on their computers and after completing a quiz to verify their understanding of the 5S principles, print off a certificate of achievement and will receive a free e-learning module covering the subject in more detail.

For more information about e-learning call 01943 605976 or e-mail