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Last updated: 19.03.13

Why should bosses take on apprentices?

There are many reasons why employers will find hiring an apprentice brings benefits to their business and the Sleaford Standard has identified ten of them. According to the news provider, the training young people receive when they embark on an apprenticeship is catered to the firm they are assigned to and all skills are taught by industry experts. This means companies can rest assured the individual they have taken on will know the workings of their business inside out. Some employers may be concerned that taking on an apprentice is an expensive process, but given the level of funding available from the government, they couldn't be more wrong. Parliament completely covers the cost of training for people aged 16 to 18, while workers aged 19 and above - who are not in their first year of their apprenticeship - will be part-funded. Furthermore, all firms are able to receive a £1,500 grant just for recruiting someone between the ages of 16 and 24, which is likely to be deemed a worthwhile incentive by any company. The news provider explained apprenticeships enable businesses to shape their workforce for the present time and the future, meaning they could be training potential managers. As young people are moldable and quicker to learn the value of a business first-hand, they are sure to become well-rounded, loyal and trustworthy members of staff. Plus, their passion and eagerness to learn could rub off on older workers who are likely to be motivated by their creativity and fresh ideas. Firms that are considering recruiting an apprentice may want to think about rolling out online training as part of the educational process. By uploading digital resources, employers are likely to find their new starters are more engaged and focused, while the solution is also extremely cost-effective. Virtual College is one e-learning provider that can help businesses deliver effective training to apprentices and by going through its Apprenticeship e-Academy, bosses can use sophisticated pre-recruitment and screening tools to find the right candidate for them.