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We’ve joined forces with the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) to create a range of online courses for the retail sector, including consumer rights training.

The rise of e-commerce means retailers are dealing with a change in how consumers think about shopping. Technology brings new challenges into the sector such as e-commerce, contactless payment, data protection and identity fraud. With the introduction of new legislation, training programmes must be flexible and be able to adapt quickly to reflect new responsibilities.

In a sector where cost and time saving are paramount online courses provide an efficient platform to deliver all training requirements. Clear, consistent messages can be delivered across all employees ensuring everyone has the appropriate knowledge of their role and responsibilities. Online reporting systems also allow for easy tracking to ensure compliance rates are high and standards are maintained.

Virtual College has worked with the Chartered Trading Standards Institute to produce an online training package that provides an effective way of ensuring all retail staff are aware of the latest legislation changes in their sector. Our award winning e-learning development team create all retail and compliance courses to ensure training can be delivered on a large scale without compromising on quality.

TradeSimple – online compliance courses

The Chartered Trading Standards Institute has joined forces with Virtual College to offer TradeSimple – a range of online courses for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

There are six courses in total which have been designed to give businesses a simple, cost-effective way to ensure they are compliant with retail legislation.

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