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Apprenticeship Delivery

Screening, selecting and training apprentices can be costly and time consuming. Taking this process online can ensure you choose the right candidates and give them the best chance at success.

Choose and train the right candidates

Learning technology can support you throughout this process. From streamlining screening and selection to assessing retention rate, using online apprentice delivery solutions will save you both time and costs.

Five elements of Apprentice Delivery

  • Recruitment screening: Improve the screening process and get a better understanding of your applicants with this time-saving online service. Costs are reduced and you can be sure you’ve placed the right candidate with the right employer
  • Foundation level: Once your candidates are placed the relevant learning material will be delivered to them through the LMS, streamlining and standardising the induction process
  • Functional skills: Dependent on existing proficiency, Maths, English and ICT resources will be allocated to the correct candidates, tracking and storing all progress
  • Knowledge level: All candidates will have access to a range of interactive learning materials that are relevant to all organisations. Each section includes quizzes and tests to reinforce knowledge
  • Competency level: Tools are delivered within the LMS to users to help them gather, store and submit evidence for tutors to review and mark

Key benefits of Apprentice Delivery

  • Save time and money throughout the apprentice delivery process
  • Streamlined delivery of resources to enhance learner engagement
  • Increased progress tracking and reporting efficiency
  • Facilitate operational requirements throughout the five identified stages of apprentice journey
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