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Employment skills

Whether you are an individual learner looking for work, or training provider tasked with getting people into employment, e-learning is a simple and effective way of building the capacity for job search, supporting first days at work and realising personal development.

E-learning is a fantastic way to deliver employment skills training

Competition has always been a feature of the job market and developing the personal skills, qualities and attitudes required by employers is crucial to the success of any job seeker.

E-learning is a superb tool to use when delivering employment skills training as it allows a wide variety of teaching to be presented in an easy to access format.

Support can be centred on the softer skills, such as raising confidence, self-esteem and motivation, and help with practical tasks such as where to find work and how to write an effective CV.

Advantages of online employment skills training

  • Supports personal development
  • Raises the confidence, self-esteem and motivation of learners
  • Ability to set individual targets
  • Cheaper and less time consuming than face-to-face training
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