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Providing learners with a variety of content can keep them engaged and motivated, encouraging them to learn as they meet training goals. One of the most innovative ways to engage and entertain learners is through gamified e-learning content.

Capture learners’ attention with interactive learning games

E-learning gamification refers to any application of game elements to online training content, for example, creating a simple plot that learners work through in order to complete a section.

Entertaining learners and encouraging them to explore a story increases engagement with course materials. This deeper involvement with the content can help learners to recall information more efficiently, improving retention and success.

Key benefits of e-learning gamification

  • Enhanced learning experience and increased engagement
  • Improved retention
  • Encourages healthy competition with use of leader boards
  • Immediate feedback, such as badges or progress bars to mark achievements
  • Can be applied to a variety of learning needs including induction and compliance training

Gamification in action

Written by experienced hospitality industry professionals, the Virtual College Online Hospitality Suite uses ‘gaming’ type rewards to encourage engagement and completion.

As part-time and seasonal staff requirements are particularly high in the leisure sector, these resources are ideal for rapid, cost effective induction. or refresher training.

  • The learner takes the place of staff on shift in a hospitality environment, meeting different teams
  • The characters in the module narrate the story and introduce the challenges to the learner
  • The learner must complete all of the online challenges and tasks in order to complete the module and receive a reward
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