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Rapid e-learning

Rapid e-learning allows you to create your own bespoke e-learning tools to refer back to again and again; recording a presentation and watching it back, for example.

What is rapid e-learning?

Rapid e-learning is the name given to the quick creation of concise e-learning courses. As information and training on specialist subjects often needs to be updated, being able to quickly create new e-learning resources can be essential.

It's the perfect way to keep your staff training up to date for things like new policy changes or system upgrades, without having to use complex software or learn new programming techniques.

For example, rapid e-learning can be as simple as capturing a PowerPoint presentation and adapting it into a SCORM framework to use with a Learning Management System (LMS). But bear in mind that presentations are meant to be presented, so your rapid active learning resources still need to be engaging.

At Virtual College, we have a range of bespoke e-learning tools to help you to create rapid e-learning resources. Contact us if you'd like a demo.

Does rapid e-learning mean faster learning?

Sometimes, the term rapid e-learning is used to describe the speed of an online learning course, but faster e-learning courses have traditionally been known as bite-size courses.

You can find out more about all of our course types here.

The business benefits of rapid e-learning

Having access to tools that allow you to continually update your e-learning resources could help you to gain a competitive advantage in your industry, as you can ensure your staff's knowledge and expertise is as up-to-date as possible at all times.

Creating rapid e-learning resources also means you can tailor training scenarios to fit your organisation specifically, helping learners to get a better idea of how they would adapt what they are learning practically on a day-to-day basis.

How do I start creating rapid e-learning courses?

While creating a rapid e-learning resource can be as simple as capturing a PowerPoint presentation to rewatch at a later date, there are online tutorials available to assist you in creating a full rapid e-learning course.

Here at Virtual College, we have a variety of services to help you get started with developing your own rapid e-learning courses, ranging from training sessions through to bespoke course development.

The value of working with an expert

All drivers should know how to change a tyre, but not everyone can be a mechanic, as the saying goes. In this context, you might know how to create active learning resources, but their success can be ensured by working with a provider that understands the importance of delivering rapid e-learning courses with engaging content and design.

Here at Virtual College, we work with our clients in a number of different ways as part of the rapid e-learning development process. Some like to provide us with their course materials and our team of experts will convert them into engaging e-learning resources. Others prefer to use our training resources to develop their own e-learning courses in-house, calling on our expertise for guidance when needed.

Rapid e-learning development from Virtual College

Virtual College offers a number of full development support services to help you create the best online training resources for your unique needs. These include:

  • Concept development
  • Full course development from concept to finished product
  • Creating a rapid e-learning course from existing materials
  • Curating resources
  • Professional voiceover recording facilities

Whatever stage you are at in your e-learning journey, call us today or explore our range of bespoke e-learning tools to begin the next steps.

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