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Statutory and Mandatory Training Package

This online training package is an effective and efficient way to ensure your organisation meets its statutory and mandatory obligations.

Flexible and cost effective online courses

The team works alongside subject matter experts to develop online courses designed specifically to meet the needs of those working within a health and social care environment. This includes: acute, community and mental health trusts, CCGs and primary care, private healthcare providers, care homes and hospices, ensuring the continued safety and well-being of their staff and patients.


How the package works

You can choose from 24 short courses that are specially designed for health and social care organisations and mapped to Skills for Health’s Core Skills Framework.

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Select the online training courses you want in the package

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Issue the training to learners quickly and easily, based on job roles

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Refresher quizzes are allocated automatically to all staff before their training expires

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Access training records instantly for assessments and compliance reports

I have completed online training before, on the same subjects but a different online learning system. Comparing the 2, I found these learning modules much easier to understand and these questions more relevant to my job role. I feel overall I have retained much more information from completing the training this way.

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