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Subject matter experts

We regularly work with subject matter experts to help us develop fantastic e-learning content.

Use your knowledge to help millions of learners

To continue developing the best, broadest range of online learning solutions, we need help from individuals with exceptional knowledge of their field. Working closely with subject matter experts we can ensure our courses are consistently of the highest interest, quality and accuracy.

If you are a respected subject matter expert who would like to work with us, then we can help turn your expertise into engaging, effective e-learning solutions. Your knowledge and experience is invaluable to us throughout the content development process, and could have a huge impact for millions of learners.

Different kinds of SMEs

There are three different ways we work with our subject matter experts, with different levels of involvement.

Review SME

As a review subject matter expert you will check and review Virtual College content at storyboard and final build stage, identifying and advising on areas that require amendment.

Content SME

Your role as a content subject matter will involve you using your in-depth knowledge of a topic to ensure that the content used in a course is up to date and accurate, making changes where appropriate.

Author SME

You will complete the above roles, additionally processing the content and converting it into an authorboard containing the text for the course.

SME profiles


Bernadette John

Managing your Professional Digital Profile was authored by Bernadette John, Digital Professionalism Lead at King’s College London.


Dr Suzanne Zeedyk

The Connected Baby Series was authored by Dr Suzanne Zeedyk, a research scientist fascinated by babies’ innate capacity to communicate.


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