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Auditing learning, skills, and compliance

We can help you understand the learning landscape of your business

Every organisation is different, with different needs for learning and training across teams and individuals. But every organisation needs to keep track of its learners' progress to identify skills gaps, training opportunities, and monitor legal compliance.

This can be an especially complicated task in highly regulated areas such as safeguarding, food safety and hygiene to workplace health and safety, with so many different learning needs and certifications to track.

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It is now easy to track progress, police completions and challenge responses so that we can focus on support and continuous improvement. As the information is provided in a consistent format, it is much easier to analyse and create meaningful reports.
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Jane Weatherill, Education Safeguarding Advisor, Somerset County Council

Our experience in creating and providing training for organisations of any size means we know how to help.
Whatever challenge you're faced with, we can provide the in-depth auditing and understanding required to create a complete view of your employees and their learning needs.