Procuring through a framework enables our customers to easily access the products and services they require without a lengthy, costly procurement process. We’ve been accepted on to several national and regional Frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing Systems to ensure it is as easy as possible for you to purchase from Virtual College by Netex.

G-Cloud 13

G-Cloud is a government framework managed by the Crown Commercial Services (CCS), that hosts an online catalogue of companies that offer cloud-based computing services. It also includes many off-the-shelf, pay-as-you-go cloud solutions. Virtual College by Netex are part of Lot 1, 2 and 3 which covers cloud hosting, cloud software and cloud support.


Digital Outcomes 6

Digital Outcomes 6 Framework (DOS 6 RM1043.8 ) is a government framework managed by the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) that lists suppliers who can design and build bespoke digital products and services using an agile approach. Virtual College by Netex are part of Lot 1, which means we can are a team of 1 or more digital specialists who will provide outcome-based services under clearly defined pieces of work.


Digital Inclusion and Support RM6209 DPS

Digital Inclusion and Support is part of a Dynamic Purchasing System which helps public sector organisations to educate service users about using government services online and gaining digital skills.

Virtual College by Netex offer this support in two ways.

Assisted Digital, which provides support to anyone who can’t access government digital services independently to help them find information and complete transactions.

Digital Inclusion which helps users gain basic digital skills so that they can access government digital services independently and make the most of the internet.


Learning and Training Services DPS (RM6219)

Learning and Training Services is a Dynamic Purchasing Framework that allows for the provision of training services to be utilised by UK Public Sector Bodies. The core requirement of the learning and training services include a combination of services in each of the following four (4) distinct Service Types: Standard Off the Shelf Training, Bespoke training , Learning Technologies and Education Services.


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