Our Learning Philosophy

We're in the business of changing behaviours. Building better habits. And transforming your organisation through training. It's not enough to use modern technology. You need to think about the experience your people will have.

Everything we develop and design puts people at the heart of it. And we've developed a fool-proof process to ensure our learning is human, authentic and completely relevant to your people.

Because that's what gets better results.

Our Human-Centred Approach
Delivers Impact

With our extensive industry experience and offering support to over 4 million learners, we understand the foibles and complexities of people. And we use a three-pronged approach when creating learning experiences which ensure our designs are always focused on people.

Our Human-Centered Approach

Meet Some Of Our Team

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I believe that accessibility plays a key role in human-centred learning design. Accessibility is not just about ticking a box or meeting criteria, it is about creating the best possible learning experience for all learners.
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Sabine De Kamps - Learning Experience Design Team Leader
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What inspires me about my role is knowing that we’re making a difference. That our learning solutions will help people enhance their careers by improving their skills, attitudes and behaviours.
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Freya Wood - Learning Design Manager
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It’s great when we receive positive feedback from companies and learners – knowing that we’ve made a difference and that the learners have not only enjoyed the experience but are excited about what they’ve learnt.
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Patrick Hebbert - Learning Experience Co-ordinator
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One of the things I love most about working for Virtual College is how important inclusivity is, not just as a company, but to our design. We want learners to relate to our training, recognising themselves and their world.
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Nichola Jackson - Learning Experience Designer

Our Approach


We seek to understand your people so that we can truly affect behaviour and performance.


Everything we do is laser-focused on getting you results which are aligned to your business.


Impact will not occur unless your people are excited and connected to learning.


People remember more when there's emotions linked to their experiences. We make our learning meaningful to help with engagement and impact.


"People liked it" isn't enough proof for us. We create designs which deliver you results, with measurement metrics baked in so you can prove your value.

Getting You Results

Which Drive Business Value

Some things you can expect when you introduce our learning experiences into your organisation:

  • Wider participation and engagement with learning.
  • More confident, empowered and connected employees.
  • Improved performance: As people engage more with learning opportunities, so too do they get better at their job and improve their skills, attitudes and behaviours.
  • Transferable skills which help you equip your workforce for an ongoing world of change.
  • Changes in learning cultures, with a positive impact on how your people perceive learning.

With our human-centred design approach your people will feel empowered, in control of their learning and revel in the autonomy and opportunity this brings.

Award Winning Learning Design

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