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Episode Three | What does it mean to truly 'go digital'?

Have you really gone digital? Or have you simply switched to using Microsoft Teams? Many organisations claim to fully embrace ‘going digital’ but simply translate their face-to-face activities online. We can use digital technologies and tools within learning to complement face-to-face training and deliver learning programmes that are digitally based.

In this podcast episode, host Jez Anderson, Learning Solutions Consultant at Virtual College and guest Paul Westlake, Digital Director at People Unboxed, unpack what it means to “go digital”. They offer practical advice on how to fully embrace digital technology within training and give you some great examples of digital tools you can use to engage and interact with your learners.


Episode Two | How can you use Marketing Principles to Engage your Learners?

Did you know that you can use marketing principles to engage your learners? By simply understanding their needs a little more and using the channels that are right for them, you could open up your learning and development programmes to a whole new audience.

This episode hears our Chief Marketing Officer, Simon Falconer chat to Ashley Sinclair, Managing Director of MAAS Marketing about how to really understand your learners and apply marketing tactics and principles to keep them engaged.

Episode One | How has Equality, Diversity and Inclusion evolved?

Organisations and businesses are recognising the role they play in creating inclusive, safe and fair workplaces, and understanding that empowering diverse talent is a big step to building a successful organisation.

This episode hears Adam Wade, our Learning Technology Consultant talk to Zahoor Ahmad ED&I Expert from Skipton Building Society about how ED&I has evolved & offers insightful and practical advice on how businesses can start to implement ED&I policies.

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