Welcome to Virtual College by Netex

We’re innovators, creators and pioneers for the digital learning world. A team that is fuelled by passion, always thinks outside the box and has a dash of Northern charm. We’re Virtual College by Netex.

What do we do?


Digital training is what we do. We take our innovation, creativity and passion and bring digital training solutions to life. Creating training programmes that are designed to help businesses and employees like yours flourish. Our ready-to-go solutions are second to none and it’s our team that make it so.


How have we got here?

It all began in 1995, when our founders, Rod Knox and Bob Gomersall, helped to kick off the digital learning revolution. Of course, it looked very different then – they started off with CD ROMs – but the important thing is, we’ve been there every step of the way.

We knew before the rest of the world caught on that training didn’t have to be face-to-face to make a difference, and we saw the major role the internet could play in driving this revolution. And from the beginning, we have always worked tirelessly to put the learner first, only using the technology, theories and ideas that would enhance the learner experience. And we still do. In the twenty-five plus years in the business, our core values, our ethos haven’t changed.

And they still haven’t. Fast forward to the present day, and we’re now part of the Netex Learning family, and together we’re going to take our vision of learning that drives change even further.

A Tight Knit Team

We wouldn’t be where we are without our people, our team. Our Northern roots ensures we’re a trustworthy, honest and down-to-earth bunch. And that is what makes us stand out. We’re all about people, whether it’s our team or our customers – they’re at the heart of everything we do.


Learning Philosophy

We practice what we preach. To find out how we keep the learner at the heart of our training solutions, have a read of our learning philosophy. It’s a good one!

Learning Philosophy


We’re always interested to hear from people who share our passion for digital learning. Think you’ll be a fit? Check out our vacancies and see what roles are available.

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There’s nothing like the feeling of being recognised by your peers, by your industry. And over the years we’ve been lucky enough to have had much award recognition.

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CSR and Charity

We care about our communities, our society. We actively support charities across the UK and, over the years, we’ve conducted several projects to raise awareness and funds for causes we care deeply about.

This is why we’ve donated over £350,000 to charities since we started the business. Take a look at the charities that are close to our hearts.


We couldn’t do what we do without all the brilliant partnerships we’ve formed. We’re the first hold our hands up and admit that we don’t know everything about every subject, which is why we work with subject matters experts, creative partners and more – to make sure our training solutions are the best they can be.



Quality is everything to us, which is why we’re proud that our courses are accredited by so many recognised accrediting bodies. Thanks to these, you’ll know you’re in safe hands with our training courses.

We are the learning experts