Bespoke Training Solutions

Sometimes, ready-to-go learning just isn't going to meet your needs. With bespoke learning, you get modern and impactful learning experiences which are directly tailored to your brand and business requirements.

Helping you translate your business requirements into learning is our specialism. We collaborate closely with you to unearth your specific needs and deliver high-quality and cost-effective learning which is guaranteed to deliver results.

Our Ethos

We live and breathe our guiding principles

Learner Focused

We're humans talking to humans.
We use our human centred design approach to ensure authenticity in your learning, every single time.


Understanding your business is our primary goal.
After all, your success is our success.

Technology with a purpose

Tech is an enabler and we use it to empower and extend your business and produce world-class learning experiences.

Make a difference

Learning with impact, for you and your learners.


We're passionate and willing to challenge.
We're here to help you get the best result possible, which means speaking up.
Being bold. And pushing the envelope.

Human-Centred Learning Design

We design every single piece of learning with your people in mind. In our experience, learning which is human and personal feels much more authentic. This results in a better learning experience and ensures our designs meet your performance goals.

Unique Challenges Need Unique Solutions

Digital learning content comes in many shapes and sizes. With thousands of potential permutations of a solution, we're here to help you make a results-focused decision for your business and your learners. Regardless of the format, our bespoke digital training is designed with your learners in mind.

L&D Consultancy

We know that learning experiences extend way beyond the realms of digital learning and sometimes that requires a little bit of understanding about where we are and what we're doing.

Our team of Learning Consultants have extensive expertise in working with clients like you in a variety of areas:

Training needs analysis
Digital Learning Strategy
Learning Objectives & Outcomes Development
Learner Focused Sessions
Learner Engagement
Evaluation & Return On Investment
Commercial Strategy

We’re here to support your learning team unpick complicated challenges, to help you better understand your function, how it’s performing and provide greater insight into what your learners think.

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We thrive off building learning programmes that are courageous, innovative and help organisations grow. We aim to push boundaries and step out of our comfort zone to deliver training that drives results and makes a real difference.
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Lindsay Bee - Learning Technology Consultant
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For us, delivering impact for you is everything

Our entire value set and ethos has been developed to help ensure that you get your needs met and see incredible business and performance results.

Our modern design approach, human centricity and emphasis on real partnerships mean that our engagements are always meaningful, of value and deliver an enhanced experience for you and your learners.

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Where We're Delivering Results

The whole point of working with us to create a completely unique, bespoke learning experience is that it's yours. It's not templated or copied from anywhere else, and as such it's aligned to your goals and needs. So whether you're looking to solve a complicated compliance problem or want to really connect with your new hires, we can work with you to develop sophisticated, impactful learning across a variety of challenges such as:

Compliance, risk and health and safety
Improving and enhancing the training process for your people
Supporting the training of global teams in a robust, consistent manner
Upskill and increase the knowledge of your people, digitally
Deliver impact through performance shifts, behavioural changes and employee engagement
Blended experiences which require a variety of channels and touchpoints
Evolving your learning culture
Introduce more modern, immersive learning experiences to your organisation
Help you adopt and implement new learning technologies

Need help with something you can't see here? That's alright, we love a challenge.

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Even where we were a bit uncertain about certain aspects of our requirements, they offered innovative and workable solutions. In short, they acted as a genuine partner, rather than just a provider.
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Tech Partnership
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Virtual College provided the flexibility to react to any changes required. Their experience meant they could easily grasp what we wanted and suggest what would work best.
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The relationship is first class, they are one of the very best suppliers I have ever worked with. It’s more of a partnership than a supplier relationship. The team are creative, friendly, fun and add real value to our on-going developments in these areas. I honestly would not hesitate to recommend them. I suspect you will be delighted.
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Make UK
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We have been working with Virtual College who have been fantastic in the way they have approached the project. They have worked really closely with us in a true sense of partnership rather than a relationship where you don’t really trust the partner. It was something we were able to build very quickly.
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Having a trusted partnership is fundamental and it feels like we have worked with each other for years.
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Unlike the other Sub-contractors, Virtual College quickly adopted a welcomed partnership and consultancy role above and beyond their requirement to deliver. The passion, creativity and drive of the senior leadership of this company is infectious and, as a result, is mirrored accordingly throughout the company.
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GPT, Airbus
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If you’re looking for a company that really takes time to understand your needs and gets to the heart of what your learners are looking for, then Virtual College are a great place to start.
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