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Changing Behaviours

Understanding how to approach and navigate shifts in attitude

Changing behaviours is something practically every organisation will have to face.

As the world moves forward, our perception of society and its many different parts advances with it. This change can prove difficult for some, especially if their behaviours and attitudes have been ingrained for a particularly long time. Ensuring that employees understand the impact their behaviour has and why a shift is essential will help create an inclusive and happy workplace.

Understanding behaviours and their challenges

It's the role of business leaders to anticipate changes required to behaviours in the workplace which are in line with the current wider attitudes in society. Taking action to address inappropriate behaviours requires an understanding of where the issues arise from and how best to present the reasons for changing an employee's behaviour. Sometimes these are relatively minor habits, but can also be more serious depending on how ingrained these behaviours are.

Motivating positive attitude shifts

Creating resources that help employees to gain a deeper insight into the effects their behaviours have can assist in motivating a change in attitudes, either through scenario driven experiences which help an employee to empathise or through continually supported learning, driven through an ongoing education campaign. At Virtual College we're experienced in creating resources to support behaviour change across a wide range of formats, such as:

  • Infographics & Guides
  • Graphical Video
  • Live Action Video
  • Serious Games
  • AR & VR
Changing Behaviours
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We found the Virtual College team to be personable and flexible. They gave us the confidence that they cared about the project as much as we did. Importantly, the learners were at the heart of their propositions and we were energised by a longer term vision of the relationship, not just delivering on this project.
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Mike Collins, Content & Design Manager, DPG

Transitioning to a new way of thinking

Overcoming these behavioural changes requires a tried and tested methodology which outlines a rigorous training process. We’ve helped numerous businesses change internal attitudes through a series of campaigns, applying our thinking through a series of steps, starting out from setting key success measures all the way to follow up delivery. No matter what behaviours you need to change in your organisation, you can trust Virtual College to support you every step of the way.