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Moving to Digital Training Delivery

Take the step to a more effective training solution

Make the move to digital

Traditional business learning and development mostly focuses on face-to-face training and paper-based resources, which aren't always the most effective for knowledge retention. It's also difficult - and expensive - to deliver high quality face-to-face training with consistency across a larger organisation.

The key to effective training is being able to apply what you've learned immediately - putting it into practice in the workplace. It's also useful to be able to access training material as and when it's needed, so employees can make it a part of their workflow and better understand how to apply it.

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Virtual College put a strong and highly professional team on this work, and they displayed a real passion and commitment to the work, beyond meeting projects’ deliverables and milestones. They had excellent project management skills and a high level of technical expertise.
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Mark Heholt, Project Manager, The Tech Partnership

The Virtual College solution

We always make sure we completely understand what it is you want to change in your organisation, and set out the measures for achieving your precise learning objectives. A deep understanding of who your learners are and what they feel about their current training and learning resources is key to developing a new approach that will engage and inspire.

We construct the solution after our in-depth scoping, and evaluate the results to make sure we're achieving the original objectives, and tweaking where necessary. Our designers can create the right resources needed to best solve your problems and reach your training goals, including:

  • Infographics & Guides
  • Graphical Video
  • Live Action Video
  • Serious Games
  • AR & VR
Digital Delivery