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Professional Skills Development

Improving interpersonal skills like listening, questioning and analysis can drastically increase effectiveness in the workplace.

Broaden your employees' interpersonal skills

Focusing on soft skills

As automation has begun to proliferate the workplace, there's a larger focus on people improving their 'soft skills', such as listening, questioning, analysis and critical thinking. It's these skills that allow employees to bring pragmatic solutions to the table and find success when adapting to new situations and scenarios. While these skills can be hard to train, digital solutions can provide your employees permanent resources they can access whenever they need it.

Digital Delivery
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The course is now being taken up by training providers in the public and private sectors and we fully expect it to be making a substantial contribution to up-skilling sizeable cohorts of students in digital marketing in the coming years.
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Mark Heholt, The Tech partnership

Delivering development digitally

The main challenge to developing professional skills formally is around the ineffectiveness of a large, classroom-style learning intervention. Knowledge retention is poor around topics where we don’t apply the information immediately into practice or don’t make an emotional connection with the facts being taught. By utilising technology to be able to give employees and learners access to information as and when they need it, they can learn within the workflow and put the knowledge immediately into practice. This will provide a base for them to gain context and build a connection with the information as they are using it and understanding its purpose.