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Safer Recruitment Definitions FAQs

Ensure you fully understand the key terminology when it comes to safer recruitment with our most frequently asked questions.

  • What does safer recruitment mean?

    Safer recruitment means ensuring that the staff and volunteers who are hired to work with children, young people and vulnerable adults have been suitably checked to prevent any harm being done to the people in their care.

  • What are the key safer recruitment principles?

    The main principles of safer recruitment are to take all steps necessary to prevent people who might harm children or vulnerable adults from taking up positions where they could do so and to follow all of the latest guidelines and best practices to keep the recruitment process safe, fair and consistent.

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  • What are the staff ratios in a nursery?

    Nursery ratios for two-year-olds are six children per adult and four children per adult for ones-and-under.

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  • What is safer recruitment in health and social care?

    Safer recruitment guidelines also apply for those working in health and social care, aiming to not only ensure that safe and suitable people are recruited for working with vulnerable people in care, but also improving the levels of care provided.

  • What is safer recruitment training?

    Safer Recruitment training covers areas like shortlisting potential candidates for interviews, DBS checks, dealing with any concerns raised during the vetting process, risk assessment and how to manage allegations of inappropriate behaviour.