Last updated: 22.03.13

E-learning 'doesn't have to be complicated'

Businesses that are holding back from using online training should know that e-learning design does not have to be difficult.

This is according to Tom Kuhlmann, a world-leading instructional designer who is visiting an annual Masterclass in London in May, where he will be sharing his expertise on how to launch useful virtual tools.

Mr Kuhlmann's two-day workshop, which is being hosted by the Charity Learning Consortium, is inspired by the fact associations and non-profit organisations need better resources to support their staff and they can achieve this themselves.

The first day of the Masterclass will concentrate on rapid e-learning essentials, while day two is set to focus on visual design and interactive learning. Mr Kuhlmann, who is based in the USA, will be leading all sessions, but lots of collaborative discussions and practical activities are also scheduled to take place.

"E-learning design can sound more complicated than it really is - I'm here to demonstrate how easy it can be to create great resources," the expert said.

Organisations that wish to attend can book via the Charity Learning Website, while the cost of the workshop has been kept as low as possible. The workshop is priced at just £349 and charities, housing associations and not-for-profit firms operating in the voluntary sector are able to receive discounts.

It may be the case that some companies think they do not have enough time to go about setting up their own online training system, but this can be solved by turning to the services of a third party provider.

Virtual College, which is based in West Yorkshire, is one institution that creates rapid e-learning tools for its clients and in the past, these have included mobile applications. The business also helps to train its clients so they are able to set up their own virtual resource to use on Virtual College's in-house Learning Management System.

Not only can online education save firms time, it is also a cheap way of rolling out training and an article in the Mirror recently stated smart managers are those who encourage their staff to study.