Last updated: 20.03.13

Great employers 'use online learning'

Bosses that want to ensure their workforce stays motivated and productive should consider rolling out online learning resources, as these are known for keeping employees engaged.

According to the Mirror, smart managers are those who encourage their staff to continue to study, claiming it helps to inspire more confidence and make sure people are happy in their job through personal and professional development.

This could be sound advice for firms that are feeling the squeeze of a struggling economic climate - by turning to the web and uploading digital resources for their employees, they could significantly cut their administrative costs and free up time in an otherwise packed daily schedule.

Delivering online learning material that can be accessed via a company's own intranet is also useful for workers, as it means they can develop their skillset in their spare time.

It is surprising how far e-learning can take a person and one individual from Plymouth told the news provider about how she managed to turn her job on the production line at a Wrigley Factory into a career as a buyer for the company after studying at the Open University.

Because of her employers, Julie Rogers, 44, was able to study her way to a higher position and the Wrigley firm even paid for her study, while they also gave her extra days off for exams. "They were really impressed with the fact I wanted to broaden my horizons and go the extra mile to better myself," Ms Rogers explained.

In light of this, businesses are advised to encourage their own workers to develop their skills by enrolling in online training. Not only is this able to give a person a better chance in life, it also brings new ideas and productivity to a firm that will have long-lasting benefits.

For organisations that are on a particularly tight budget, using the services of an e-learning provider - such as Virtual College in Ilkley, West Yorkshire - as this is sure to reduce training costs.