Last updated: 28.01.19

How can bespoke e-learning help your business?

What is Bespoke E-learning?

E-learning is a hugely popular tool for businesses and other organisations who want to improve training levels and training effectiveness. But e-learning courses are for the most part off-the-shelf solutions designed to train people in common industry and sector-specific matters, such as good manual handling practice, how to prepare food safety, or how to follow certain government guidelines. But what if you feel that you need a type of course that isn’t offered, because it’s not necessarily something that many other businesses would need? This is where bespoke e-learning comes in. Rather than having to use traditional methods to develop a new course, you can now have online learning specialists develop a specific course for you, with all the benefits that brings. Let’s take a look.

Why is e-learning a good choice?

First, let’s think about why e-learning itself is so effective. Traditionally, training will be in-house or external, and it’ll mean a group of people attending a class with a tutor for a few hours or even several days. Or, they’ll have to work through a series of workbooks, documents and resources that give them the knowledge they need. There are still instances where this is beneficial, but for the most part, online courses give a far more interactive and enjoyable experience, which ultimately has a positive effect on outcomes. E-learning also has the benefit of being easily accessed from anywhere with the right device and an internet connection, so it can be taken whenever and wherever, reducing the need for people to go on disruptive courses.

What can bespoke e-learning bring?

Bespoke e-learning is all about creating courses that are specifically designed to tackle training requirements in your specific organisation, or for people that are involved with your organisation. Rather than having to take a solution designed for the market generally, you can have something developed that does exactly what you need it to. And these courses come with all of the benefits of e-learning, which includes videos, animation, simulations and even social learning. Whatever elements you think need to be in the course, can be delivered. This is highly effective for training requirements in which visual aids make the learning experience easier.

Of course, these courses can vary hugely in scope. For example, you might think that the available food safety courses are good, but that you’d rather they contained more specific information for how you do things in your business. A chain of restaurants for example might have a specific way in which they record the temperatures of their fridges and freezers in accordance with good policy. This is something that could be included in a food hygiene course, to ensure that employees have the right skills both generally and specifically.

Alternatively, a bespoke e-learning course might be called for when a course is needed that covers something very specific to a business or organisation. For example, if a technology company is introducing a new product that all of its field employees need to understand, then it may be the case that a training course need to be developed that ensures that all staff have the requisite knowledge when dealing with customers or carrying out repairs. A bespoke e-learning course means that this can be done effectively, with a course that’s visual, interactive, and can be taken at any time; even remotely.

Find out more

You can visit our bespoke e-learning page to find out more about the services that Virtual College offers. We’re also pleased to be able to bring you a case study on an international bespoke training project that we carried out. This explains how we created more than 500 hours worth of training content for a learner group of up to 3000 people. Click here to find out what we did.

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