Last updated: 13.09.13

'Invest in staff training' to boost business

The key to a successful business is investing in staff development and training employees to get to the top.

This is according to Michaela Powell, founder and director of education recruitment consultancy Aspire People, who claimed there are a number of techniques to help every worker reach their full potential.

Her company regularly runs workshops on major themes in the education sector and speaking in an interview with Real Business, the expert said that knowledge is power.

By providing staff with regular training on issues that are relevant to their organisation, other employers are also likely to ensure their workers are always on top of any new developments in their sector and consequently become the best representatives of the firm that they can be.

Ms Powell stated that the training and development of individuals must not come to a halt after their induction, rather it should be continuous throughout their career. 

At Aspire People, a unique learning plan is devised for every worker, which is tailored to their own goals and areas of expertise.

"The amount of time and money we invest in their development has been returned to us in commitment and has enabled us to retain talent in an industry renowned for having a high staff turnover," Ms Powell explained.

She further recommended enrolling employees into courses to study towards professional qualifications, as these can be used to reinforce existing training being held in the workplace, and said taking on an apprentice can also be a good idea.

Ms Powell told the news provider: "Staff we hired at a junior level almost ten years ago comprise the formidable management team we have today."

This comes after a recent survey conducted by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills revealed that nearly three-quarters (72 per cent) of employers have seen their product or service quality improve as a result of recruiting an apprentice, while 83 per cent of apprentices themselves feel their career prospects are better as a result of the training they received.