Last updated: 13.06.16

Organisations invest more in Learning & Development

Learning and Development (L&D) professionals need to invest more in themselves to respond to the fast-changing needs of employees and businesses, new research has revealed. 

In the next two years, one in three organisations plan to increase their training spend, according to a report by Towards Maturity and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). 

Entitled ‘Preparing for the Future of Learning: A Changing Perspective for L&D Leaders’, the report studied over 600 learning leaders, 1,800 learners and 170 L&D professionals.

Research identified key areas where the L&D profession plans to invest in order to ensure it is fit for the future. The report found that 53 per cent of L&D teams plan to increase team capacity in online delivery.

Other areas which are expected to see an increase include social and collaborative learning (49 per cent) and coaching and mentoring (48 per cent). 

Areas that are less popular include classroom training at 23 per cent, which suggests a move away from face-to-face learning towards supporting performance in the flow of work. 

The enthusiasm of L&D leaders about the future impact of learning was also revealed, with 86 per cent wanting to improve business performance. 

As it stands, 61 per cent of L&D professionals proactively align L&D activity with strategic goals in business, yet only 36 per cent have a plan for how they will meet agreed business metrics. 

In addition to this, one in three professionals are proactive in understanding how learners currently study what they need for their job, suggesting possible gaps between intention and capability. 

Andy Lancaster, CIPD head of learning and development content, commented: “The world of work is changing and organisations are increasingly looking for more modern approaches to learning that support the fast-moving world of work and the needs of an increasingly digital workforce. 

“The expectation on the L&D function is therefore high, and L&D professionals need to ensure that they are as agile as the organisations they operate in.”

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