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Employability Suite

The Employability Suite is an invaluable set of ‘work skills’ resources for learners, employers, employees and those involved in supporting individuals to develop the skills they need to secure and sustain employment.

Work skills

The suite is made up of nine online courses that help learners develop the key personal skills, qualities and attitudes required by employers. The courses cover three key areas: building capacity for job search, supporting first days at work and supporting personal development.

Much of the support is centred on raising confidence, self-esteem and motivation with help provided for practical tasks such as where to find work and how to write CVs.


Packages available

The courses can either be purchased individually or on a mix and match basis to suit specific needs i.e. to support those searching for employment or adapting to new roles. All courses are mapped to the QCF and are CPD certified. Individual courses are priced at £15 plus VAT with attractive bundle discounts available.

Here are some examples bundles but smaller bespoke packages are also available;

  • Bronze: 200 learners, 5 courses each for £5 per course (£5k plus VAT)
  • Silver: 400 learners, 5 courses each for £4 per course (£8k plus VAT)
  • Gold: 600 learners, 5 courses each for £3.50 per course (£10.5k plus VAT)

If you think there is a topic area missing that would be useful in the suite, do let us know, we would love your feedback and may be able to incorporate it into future development work.

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