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Dr Suzanne Zeedyk

Author of The Connected Baby Series suite of courses

About Suzanne

Since 1993, she has been based at the University of Dundee in Scotland, within the School of Psychology. She arrived there from Yale University in the USA, where she had completed her PhD in developmental psychology.

In 2011, Suzanne set up an independent training enterprise to disseminate more widely the science of the early years. She now spends her time speaking to the public about our human need for emotional and physiological connection. She draws on her own research expertise, in areas such as parent-infant relationships, family support, communicative disorders, and the politics of science, as well as the work of many other scientists and practitioners.

She now works with organisations across the world. Her aim is to strengthen awareness of the decisions we take about caring for our children, illuminating the way in which those decisions are integrally connected to our vision for the kind of society we wish to build. In the last three years she's delivered training to over 20,000 people.

During her 20-year academic career, Suzanne published over 50 papers, books, and chapters. She was proud to serve as research supervisor to students at all levels of higher education: undergraduate, masters, and PhD. In 2011, she received the DUSA Award for Most Inspirational Teacher.

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