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Build Your Own Training Package

High-Quality Digital Training | Cost-Effective Packages | Simplified For Your Business

Looking to build the skills, knowledge and confidence of your people whilst ensuring your workforce is compliant? Have a large number of employees working from multiple locations to train? Need a broad catalogue of digital training for your staff? No problem.

Our dedicated team can work with you to build a tailored and cost-effective training package unique to your business.

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Flexibility for your business and your learners

Our Build Your Own Training Package provides a simple and flexible solution to meet your training needs. Get as many licences as you require. Choose up to 30 courses from our large catalogue of quality-assured digital courses. Give your learners access to their training anytime, anywhere, via our learning management system. 

With most courses providing instant accreditation and certification on completion, your team can be trained on everything from compliance and health & safety training, through to personal development and leadership & management. No matter what training requirements you have, you’re guaranteed to find the courses you need.


✔ 12-months annual subscription.
✔ Select up to 30 courses for your learners.
✔ Choose from a catalogue of over 200 online courses.
✔ Purchase as many licences as you need.
✔ An easy to use LMS to manage and track your training.

Extensive library of over 250 courses

Complete choice with our extensive catalogue  

Whether you’re looking to upskill your employees to meet skills gaps, support new employees with onboarding and induction or simply build a winning learning and development training programme,  our tailored training packages can help.

  • Choose from our catalogue of over 200 high-quality course titles.
  • Select up to 30 course titles in your package.
  • Upload your own learning content for your learners to access. 
  • Pick from compliance training through to personal development and more. 

    Manage your learners with the right tools

    We’ll help you to personalise your learning pathways, share content and track and report on learner progress, all from one simple, easy-to-access location.

    With a tailored training package, you’ll get;


    • Access to our easy-to-use learning management system (LMS), Enable.
    • The tools to track, measure and report on the progress of your learners.
    • Dashboards for your learners so they can view and track their own progress.
    • The ability to make your training accessible for all, no matter the location.

    Want to run your package through your own LMS? no problem. We can arrange this at no extra cost.


    A cost-effective and simple solution 

    Our training packages have been designed to be as simple, flexible and user friendly as possible.
    • Choose the courses you need.
    • Add extra licences at any point during your 12-month service.  
    • The more licences you purchase the more cost effective the subscription.
    • Add more courses as and when you require - up to 30 during your subscription.

    Here's some of the ways our training is helping organisations like yours already...

    Employee Compliance 

    Learner Engagement

    Reducing Skills Gaps 

    Employee Onboarding 

    Staff Retention 

    Budget Restriction 

    People Safety 

    Regulation & Legislation 

    Supporting Blended Learning 

    Employee Growth & Development 


    Instant accreditation and certification

    The majority of our online courses come with accreditation and certification. Meaning your workforce gains instant reward and recognition for all their efforts allowing them to easily showcase their new skills, knowledge and expertise.

    A dedicated team on hand to help and support

    Our customer support team are always on hand to help you and your learners. Every member of our team is a Virtual College product and service expert and aims to ensure you maximise the use of our products and services.

    • Need quick set-up and access? We guarantee to get you going within 48 hours.
    • Our dedicated team will help you set up and onboard your learners.
    • We’ll provide ongoing help and support to guide both you and your learners 24/7.

    We work with over 100,000 diverse customers

    from smaller aspirational businesses to some of the most respected global brands.

    Build your own training package today


    Our dedicated team can work with you to build your own training package unique to your business.

    ✔ Choose up to 30 titles for your learners from a catalogue of over 200 quality-assured courses.

    ✔ Purchase as many licenses as you need.

    ✔ Access, track, and manage training through our LMS.

    ✔ Upload your own content and let your learners access everything they need in one place.

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