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Enable LMS

Enable, our easy-to-use Learning Management System, allows you to revolutionise how you deliver training within your organisation. Whether you need to train, 2, 200 or 20,000 people, using our LMS in tandem with our online training courses allows you to achieve your targets whilst providing a great experience for your employees. Choosing Enable is the best way to support a modern approach to learning, giving you a cloud-based tool that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Easily manage your learners with personalised learning pathways and course libraries. Through our up-to-date and regularly refreshed ready-to-go course catalogue you can easily keep up-to-date with changes to legislation and regulations, ensuring your employees are effectively trained and up-skilled.

Enable LMS
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Some of the respondents in the schools and colleges were initially uneasy about using the technology but they quickly got to grips with it and we have had nothing but positive feedback since. Users like the flexibility of being able to keep coming back to it and the ability to assign actions for others to complete.
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Jane Weatherhill, Education Safeguarding Advisor, Somerset County Council
Enable Audit

Deep and detailed audits that are simple to run

Auditing your organisation is straightforward with Enable Audit, giving you a robust platform to design and create exactly what you need for your business. Or you can use our comprehensive pre-made audits on common areas like workplace safety and safeguarding measures. An effective auditing tool unlocks valuable insights into your organisation, allowing you to reconfigure your approach to training and strive for the highest standards in all areas.

Virtual Reality Technology

Welcome to a different way of learning! Virtual reality immerses you into your learning in a way that engages your senses, allowing you to be fully in tune with what is happening around you. This isn’t just a more engaging way of learning, but this immersive style allows us to have emotional reactions, which are fundamental to our memories, and therefore to our learning. The stronger our memories, the better our learning. This interactive style can be used to support and enhanced traditional teaching methods, providing students with a learning experience they won’t forget.

Virtual Reality Technology

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