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Personal and Professional Development Training Courses

Learn anytime, anywhere with our online Personal and Professional Development training courses. Our CPD certified courses will provide your employees with the skills they need to grow enabling them to thrive in your organisation.

Personal and Professional Development Training

The demand for personal development and power skills training has boomed in recent years. Businesses are prioritising employee growth, in both their personal and professional lives.

By providing employees with the skills needed to grow and thrive, your whole organisation benefits. Our courses give employees the confidence and skills they need to expand themselves and their career, helping you to create more positive working cultures and foster organisational growth.

From time management, communications skills and presentation skills through to problem solving, effective action planning and reflective practice, our online course catalogue can help you to create a flourishing workplace, drive business results and retain staff long term.


Tailored Personal and Professional Development Training Package |
✔ CPD Approved Courses

Looking for cost effective training to increase the skills, knowledge and confidence of your team? No problem, our suite of online Personal and Professional Development courses has been designed to help organisations just like yours.

Covering everything from influencing, negotiating and networking through to reflective techniques, growth mindset and confidence building our training is cost effective and truly accessible meaning your learners can learn anytime and anywhere.

Not only that, but our team of dedicated consultants can work with you and your team to build a tailored training package from our vast catalogue of ready-to-go training that meets the specific needs of your learners.

  • Ideal for larger numbers of learners
  • Over 80 high quality courses to choose from
  • On demand bitesize training
  • CPD certified training
  • Learn anytime, anywhere

Individual Course Titles | ✔ CPD Approved Courses

All of our Personal and Professional courses can be purchased as individual titles online and accessed on demand through our learning management system, Enable, so you can learn anytime, anywhere.

Whether you’re looking to build confidence, understand and adopt the principles of growth mindset or brush up on your presentation skills and time management, we have courses to cover all core personal development requirements.

Not sure which training is right for you? Our online course catalogue is here to help you. Simply follow the link below and view all of our personal and professional development courses.

  • Choose based on your needs
  • Available on demand
  • Over 80 courses available
  • CPD certified training
  • Learn anytime, anywhere


Easy to use Learning Management System

Our Personal and Professional Development training is delivered through our own easy-to-use learning management system (LMS), Enable.

Work with us to personalise your learning pathways, share content and track and report on learner progress, all from one simple, easy-to-access location.

With Enable, your people can learn anytime, anywhere. Already have a learning management system? Not a problem, we can support by seamlessly sharing our content into your existing platform.

✔ Easy setup and onboarding
✔ Report & measure performance
✔ No in-house tech requirement
✔ Keep track of results
✔ Make training accessible to all
✔ Support employees globally


CPD Approved Training

Each of our individual Personal and Professional Development courses are CPD certified.

Courses which are CPD certified have been recognised as meeting the high standards and benchmarking requirements set out by the CPD Certification Service. At Virtual College, our CPD certified courses help professionals to work towards a recognised CPD certification. Almost every business and organisation will acknowledge the merit behind a CPD certification.

Learner Certification

Whether you’re looking to complete our full Personal and Professional Development training suite or an individual bitesize course, all our online training courses come with downloadable and printable certificates of achievement, ideal for showcasing your newfound skills, knowledge and experience.


Dedicated Support

We believe in looking after our customers and learners.

In addition to a whole host of easily accessible support content, our dedicated customer and learner support team are always on hand to help and guide you in the right direction.

Whilst we think our training is great don't just take our word for it


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Personal and Professional Development FAQs

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a growing area which businesses, people, charities and more use to communicate and connect with their customers, followers and fans. Popular channels which digital marketing is used in includes emails, social media, websites, online advertising and video sharing.

Digital marketing may also be known as online marketing and is considered a key skill to anyone looking for a career in marketing or with a small business to increase their brand awareness.

There are many benefits of personal and professional development courses, find out more about our Digital Marketing online course here.

What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is a phrase you may have heard a lot in the workplace but what exactly does it mean? Emotional intelligence is an awareness and understanding of emotions – both of oneself and of others. It has become a buzz term in the workplace of late because the benefits it brings to the workplace are really starting to be recognised.

Learn more about Emotional Intelligence with our CPD approved training here.

What is a growth mindset?

A growth mindset believes that abilities can improve through practise. It doesn’t believe talent is everything, and instead believes that we are all capable of expanding, learning and growing.

People with growth mindsets don’t shy away from failure – they learn from it, as with criticism (even though it may be excruciating to hear) and they embrace and welcome challenges, seeing them as a way of stretching and developing ourselves.

People who employ growth mindsets tend to embrace grey thinking and get out of their comfort zones. They are risk-takers and opportunity makers, and see obstacles as a chance to experiment or problems that can be solved.

Discover more about Growth Mindset with our free online course here.

What is a digital profile?

A digital profile is the information about a person which is on the internet. It can come from many different sources such as social media websites, news websites, workplaces and more. Maintaining a good digital profile is important to boost your credibility, this can be done by being active and professional on social media and much more.

Manage your digital profile effectively with our online course here.

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