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Healthcare and Statutory and Mandatory Training Courses

Our collection of CPD Approved Healthcare & Statutory and Mandatory training courses provide effective learning for staff to ensure they understand how to work safely in a healthcare environment

High-Quality Online Healthcare and Statutory and Mandatory Courses

Our collection of Healthcare & Statutory and Mandatory training courses covers everything you need to ensure a safe and secure working environment. With over 30 high-quality online Healthcare & Statutory and Mandatory courses we cover essentials topics including;

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Our Healthcare & Statutory and Mandatory training suite can be purchased as part of our Training Subscription package. You will also get access to our full catalogue of over 200 training courses covering topics such as Food Safety, Business Compliance, Safeguarding, Leadership & Management and Personal Development

Our ready-to-go subscription is simple. Pay for the employees you’re training, give them 12 months’ unlimited access to our ever-expanding library of training courses, and get it set up in 48 hours or less. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking to buy a small number of courses you can simply purchase through our online shop.

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Healthcare and Statutory and Mandatory Training FAQs

What is training is health and social care?

Training in health and social care is professional training surrounding the careers fields of health, care and social workers. There are a variety of courses, both online and offline, which can include topics such as basic medical training and mental health training.

What training is mandatory in care homes?

Mandatory training in care homes is training on variety of modules which are required by statutory law, required by a local or industry authority, or which all employees across the business must undertake.

Why is mandatory training important?

Mandatory training is important for an employer because in many instances it is a legal requirement as listed under UK law. It is also regularly carried out for health and safety reasons to minimise the risks and hazards which might be present in the workplace.

What is mandatory training in health and social care?

Mandatory training in health and social care refers to training that must be undertaken if it is one of the following:

  • A statutory requirement required by law
  • Training that all staff in the organisation require
  • Training required by a local or union authority