Health & Social Care Training Courses

Learn anytime, anywhere with our online Health & Social Care courses. Our CPD certified courses are designed to reduce risk, help you track and manage learner progress, and most importantly stay compliant. 

Health & Social Care Training

Working within a health and social care setting can be challenging at the best of times, but in these particularly trying times it is more important than ever that we keep our people up-to-date and compliant and help to provide them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to perform their roles effectively.

Whether working within primary care, residential care, a nursery setting or any caring establishment, we have designed a suite of high quality and cost-effective training solutions to help you. 

Covering essential training areas within health and social care our suite of online courses will ensure your staff compliant and up-to date with current legislation and regulatory standards.
  • Over 60 high quality, CPD certified online courses.
  • Designed by subject matter experts.
  • Detailed learner tracking and reporting.
  • Easy learner management.
  • Customer and learner support.
  • Your staff can learn at their own pace.
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Statutory & Mandatory Healthcare Training

Mapped to the Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF), our statutory and mandatory training has been designed to keep your workforce compliant and safe from harm, and to enable them to provide better care.

Covering everything from equality, diversity and human rights and safeguarding adults and children through to fire safety, conflict resolution and information governance, our training suite will help to ensure that your staff and practitioners understand how to work safely in a healthcare environment.

Ideal as induction training, our suite of online training courses can be completed by your practitioners and staff at their own pace, anytime and anywhere.

✔ 25 high quality & CPD certified courses.
✔ Mapped to Core Skills Training Framework.
✔ Designed by subject matter experts.
✔ Detailed learner tracking and reporting.
✔ Easy learner management.


Social Care Training

Few industries find themselves with as many rules, regulations and standards as the social care sector. One of the biggest challenges is simply keeping up with the changing face of compliance.

Our suite of social care training has been specifically developed to meet the needs of all those working in a social care environment. Effective training is always an essential where social care is concerned, and we offer courses that organisations just like yours need in order to be able to create safe environments for your people, as well as meet legal requirements and regulations.

Our social care training online suite covers a wide range of essential courses from food hygiene, medication management, basic life support, moving people and objects to oral health and safeguarding adults and children and much more.

✔ 18 high quality, CPD certified online courses.
✔ Designed by subject matter experts.
✔ Detailed learner tracking and reporting.
✔ Easy learner management.
✔ Customer and learner support.
✔ Your staff can learn at their own pace.
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Easy to use Learning Management System

Our Health & Social Care training is delivered through our own easy-to-use learning management system (LMS), Enable.

Work with us to personalise your learning pathways, share content and track and report on learner progress, all from one simple, easy-to-access location.

With Enable, your people can learn anytime, anywhere. Already have a learning management system? Not a problem, we can support by seamlessly sharing our content into your existing platform.

✔ Easy setup and onboarding
✔ Report & measure performance
✔ No in-house tech requirement
✔ Keep track of results
✔ Make training accessible to all
✔ Support employees globally

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CPD Approved Training

Each of our individual Health & Social Care courses are CPD certified.

Courses which are CPD certified have been recognised as meeting the high standards and benchmarking requirements set out by the CPD Certification Service. At Virtual College, our CPD certified courses help professionals to work towards a recognised CPD certification. Almost every business and organisation will acknowledge the merit behind a CPD certification.

Learner Certification

Whether you’re looking to complete our full Health & Social Care training suite or an individual bitesize course, all our online training courses come with downloadable and printable certificates of achievement, ideal for showcasing your newfound skills, knowledge and experience.



Dedicated Support

We believe in looking after our customers and learners.

In addition to a whole host of easily accessible support content, our dedicated customer and learner support team are always on hand to help and guide you in the right direction.


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Health and Social Care FAQs

What is training is health and social care?

Training in health and social care is professional training surrounding the careers fields of health, care and social workers. There are a variety of courses, both online and offline, which can include topics such as basic medical training and mental health training.

What training is mandatory in care homes?

Mandatory training in care homes is training on variety of modules which are required by statutory law, required by a local or industry authority, or which all employees across the business must undertake.

Why is mandatory training important?

Mandatory training is important for an employer because in many instances it is a legal requirement as listed under UK law. It is also regularly carried out for health and safety reasons to minimise the risks and hazards which might be present in the workplace.

What is mandatory training in health and social care?

Mandatory training in health and social care refers to training that must be undertaken if it is one of the following:

  • A statutory requirement required by law
  • Training that all staff in the organisation require
  • Training required by a local or union authority

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