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Our collection of CPD Approved Safeguarding training courses cover everything you need to ensure safeguarding compliance requirements are met.

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Safeguarding Training FAQs

  • What are the six principles of Safeguarding?

    The UK government created six Safeguarding principles to help protect vulnerable adults and children, these principles are:

    • Empowerment – supporting and encouraging people to make their own decisions and informed consent
    • Prevention – taking action before harm occurs
    • Proportionality – offering the least intrusive response appropriate to the risk
    • Protection – support and representation for those in greatest need
    • Partnership – communities have a part to play in reporting and preventing neglect and abuse; local solutions through services working with their communities
    • Accountability – transparency and accountability in safeguarding practice
  • What is Safer Recruitment Training?

    Safer Recruitment training covers areas like shortlisting potential candidates for interviews, DBS checks, dealing with any concerns raised during the vetting process, risk assessment and how to manage allegations of inappropriate behaviour.

  • What are Safeguarding procedures?

    Procedures and systems provide clear guidance on what to do in various circumstances; they clarify roles and responsibilities. Child protection procedures should be linked with the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board’s own procedures (or the All Wales Child Protection Procedures).

  • Is child protection and Safeguarding the same?

    Safeguarding is the policies and procedures that organisations and people have in place to keep children safe and promote their wellbeing, everything from security of buildings to staff recruitment. Child protection is the term used to describe the activity that is undertaken to protect specific children who are suffering or likely to suffer harm.